4YOU - A Closer Look Into Tonio The Great's New EP

4YOU - A Closer Look Into Tonio The Great's New EP

What better way to usher in the Fall weather than new cuffing season music? Tonio The Great surprises fans with a mini mixtape, introducing a more heartfelt side of the artist. Here's a rundown of each song 4YOU:

Waffle House Love

To introduce the project, Tonio sends listeners to a familiar social setting. Drunken confessions in this cameo are no stranger to the late-night breakfast joint. Tonio's aggressive affection toward his romantic interest show the ease of a budding romance.


Here we move well past the honeymoon phase with the crowd favorite of the bunch. Tonio grapples with the hard truths of a relationship in turmoil. "Maybe I'm just too scarred? Maybe I'm just too raw?". All very valid and equally painful questions. Questions that may cause one to face the darker parts of oneself.

FWM (feat. Jmanji)

This R&B ballad asks listeners to be real with themselves - no need in waiting if all that you need is right in front of you. If someone is good for you then you'll know. No more games, are you all in or not?

Feel About You (feat. Jmanji)

Catch a vibe with this one. The laid back melodies from Jmanji and Tonio signal you to let loose. This song provides an escape from the intense emotions with a relaxed finale 4YOU.

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