Champion of the displaced with a lust for life.

Tonio The Great is the trump card in any deck.

The artist’s debut project, Undefeated Underdawg reflects the life of a nomad - as rewarding as it is taxing. "The Earth Is My Turf” is Tonio’s daily mantra. His background includes a whirlwind of new places and unfamiliar faces, often only finding solace within himself.

Heavy hitting poetry provides a peak into past lessons, while more playful melodies reflect a colorful curiosity for all things new and exciting. Clashing hip-hop, rock, country, pop, and alternative, it’s safe to say that Tonio is bringing something new to the scene. His music encourages listeners to live life with no bounds – loudly and unapologetically.

Whether you read TTG as Tonio The Great or Trained To Go, it’s a cue to be agile and full of life, turning every experience into an asset.